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OK, so as per normal with me I haven’t posted in a while. But you know what I have done, watched Frozen, and it is awesome as you probably already know. These here lovely art pieces are done by one of my favorite artists, Lovelyrugby,  I wanted to make a compilation of her awesome work depicting Kristoff and Anna form said movie. So enjoy and don’t forget to check out more of Lovelyrugby's stuff over at her page.

True love stories never have endings


Princess and ‘Reindeer King’

Warm with you



Happy Endings



The best part of the movie for me was the songs, I mean one of them even won an Oscar. Let it go was stuck in my head for days after seeing it, I still listen to it from time to time. Well not much else to say so will end it with Keep calm and keep being awesome!

But- just- eeennn- asdfghjklasddfgghkllassffhll